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Doctorant en Sciences de l’éducation
Sous la direction de Jean-Charles CHABANNE

Sujet de thèse

Titre de la thèse : Une étude comparative des compétences esthétiques et de l'éducation esthétique dans l'enseignement professionnel des arts appliqués en France et en Chine

This study assumes that many technical professions require what the PHD will define and study as an Aesthetic Competence (AeC), even if they are not directly related to applied arts. This AeC is assumed to be a significant part of what is perceived as the professional competence, as it is required and positively appreciated by recruiters, employers, customers, and workers also. The PHD will aim to compare how this AeC is defined, required, educated and assessed in Vocational education in China and in France.